Blog 5 - Leaping into uncertainty

The first blog I ever wrote, back in May 2017 was titled 'Never making a decision is a decision unto itself' and I could have written a part two to this right now but instead I am sharing the above quote with you. As most of you will be aware, towards the end of last year, I made the difficult decision to cut down on the number of yoga classes I was teaching to explore the corporate world from a freelance perspective. It certainly feels like I've drawn on my courage to embrace uncertainty. I really don't know how things will turn out yet I know this is more of what I want, so instead of worrying I am trusting my heart and the universe to me move forward. 

With 2019 already here and a blank diary in front of me, apart from my yoga classes and retreats and family holidays ..... there is simply 'white space'. How many of us leave 'white space' in our diaries, in our lives to explore what life presents to us? I know I don't .... I am the queen of busyness who can fill every nano second and even if the universe grants me space then I find ways to fill it .... and sometimes fill it with the wrong things ... sand and pebbles rather than rocks.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about here ... read this blog. I like it more than the pure story as its more practical and pragmatic offering a more balanced view whilst being true to the original metaphor. 

My intention for 2019 is to create more space and to unleash my creativity. 

I've begun to be curious around this over the festive break. Since 21st  December, I have not practiced asana or meditated ("How dare I call myself a yoga teacher?" my inner voice screams, yes screams at me!!!). I have not used my computer or crossed anything of my 'to do' list (until today) .... I have enjoyed time with my family and friends, been immersed in panto land and most importantly stopped, rested and breathed. Most days I can forget to do that unless I'm practicing Yoga. Not long before the Christmas break, I came across the following quote from Ana Forrest and it really struck a chord with me. Does it speak to you? 

So when I have found myself in my old patterns I have taken a BIG, DEEP breath, or several and noticed how my physiology changes, my mind patterns alter, my mood swings in a different direction and how I can take action from a different space. 

Give it a go! It only takes a moment ... one breath ...  what do you notice? 

What decisions are you holding back from taking?
How will you encourage yourself to take that leap? 
How can your breath assist you? 

From a place of uncertainty and space, which feels pretty scary, I wish you all the best for 2019!
May it be a year of adventure, fulfillment and growth. 




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